Twisted Life

Mercedes-AMG delivered something special as the previous generation C63 model was bold and brutal and it’s no surprise as to why it was the most popular AMG model. This time the

I was fortunate enough to be selected for what turned out to be an unforgettable weekend. Friday my phone rang and the caller asked what I’m up to this weekend and

For two decades Mercedes-Benz has been producing what is currently known as the S-Class Coupé. It’s the successor to the CL series of vehicles and while only adopting the CL nomenclature

It was time to buy MacBook Pro as my old 15″ lived a solid life and was worked over a little too hard. Times have changed a lot in a few

If you’re in Cape Town and you enjoy good food as well as enjoy a good party and you don’t know about this, you’re definitely missing out. Seelan Restaurant in V&A

Looking at my social feed, I’ve noticed many looking for that extra bit of convenience of getting around while avoiding high parking costs or wanting a safe ride after a night

Today marks a week since the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class in South Africa and it’s a very important release for Mercedes as it is their biggest seller. South Africa

The New MINI Cooper. They say it’s the new original. Some say it’s too big, some say it looks the same. Like with anything in life, talking and doing are two

Seelan is not only a business man but a wizard in the kitchen too. This is why it’s a welcomed surprise to have Seelan finally open his own restaurant right in

The Apple iPhone 5c was released here at the end of 2013 and was met with incredibly long waiting lists, queues and iStores being inundated with calls about its availability. I,

New Years Eve is big and when the clock strikes 12, it’s all celebrations but what’s also important is starting the year off on the right note and what better way

Rainy September nights. After all it is Cape Town and it is Spring. The heat was turned up by Inhibitif and Cosmopolitan for the The Lingerie Issue 2013 – Lingerie Fashion

It’s July and if you’re not partying it up enjoying the summer in the Mediterranean, chances are you’re still grinding hard or enduring the winter months awaiting the summer. No matter

Diamonds are the birthstone of April and my Birthday and the evening was flawless and something to cherish. We may be well into Autumn / Fall but it was a stunning

When the Apple iPad Mini was released in November, I was curious but skeptical and I saw comments such as “who needs a big iPhone” on social networks. I explored the