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Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification

Posted on 19-01-2014

Presenting the Rolls-Royce Ghost: V-Specification. Twin Turbo 6.6L V12 producing 422kW and accelerating whisperingly to 100km/h in 4.7...

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Exploding Car Photography – Fabian Oefner

Posted on 02-12-2013

Fabian Oefner is a Swiss artist known for capturing moments frozen in time and this time presents two series based on classic cars. The...

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1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster Auction

Posted on 30-10-2013

There’s just something about the classics and cars are no exception. There were a number of classic cars which were all about craft,...

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Ferrari 458 Speciale – A Visual Look [Video]

Posted on 13-09-2013

As the horse power wars and efficiency laws continue, we’re seeing a sad farewell to naturally aspirated engines. It’s not...

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Damon Fryer’s Lamborghini Gymkhana

Posted on 20-07-2013

If you enjoy Ken Block and his Gymkhana antics, check out Damon Fryer and his daily driver. A Lamborghini Gallardo. Add a new set of tyres...

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Jaguar F-Type & Playboy Playmate Of The Year

Posted on 13-07-2013

There’s a lot of buzz around the Jaguar F-Type recently and to add to that, Jaguar recently awarded the Playboy Playmate Of The Year...

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