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Bentley – Intelligent Details – Short Film

Posted on 20-05-2014

Bentley have showcased the tech side of their vehicles in terms of in-car technology in the form of a new film named Intelligent Details....

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Classic Porsche Shop Benton Performance

Posted on 30-04-2014

The journey for owner John Benton started in 1984 when he first got a Porsche 912. The rest is history so to speak as his Californian...

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David Brown Automotive Speedback GT

Posted on 16-04-2014

David Brown Automotive is a new automotive company and they have released their first model: Speedback GT. It’s reminiscent of a few...

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Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

Posted on 09-03-2014

Kodewa Performance Motorcycles, after two years of research and development have announced the prototype of the world’s first...

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Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification

Posted on 19-01-2014

Presenting the Rolls-Royce Ghost: V-Specification. Twin Turbo 6.6L V12 producing 422kW and accelerating whisperingly to 100km/h in 4.7...

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Exploding Car Photography – Fabian Oefner

Posted on 02-12-2013

Fabian Oefner is a Swiss artist known for capturing moments frozen in time and this time presents two series based on classic cars. The...

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