When the Apple iPad Mini was released in November, I was curious but skeptical and I saw comments such as “who needs a big iPhone” on social networks. I explored the iStore on release locally and was far more intrigued in person. Endless waiting lists were definitely a sign that there’s more to it. The iPad Mini finally landed in my hands just before Christmas and up until now, I’ve been using it such a lot, time just flew by but if you haven’t considered getting one from the iStore yet, read this and think again.

The packaging is like any other Apple product, clean and minimal with a special feeling. Once opened, when you use and hold the iPad Mini, it just feels right and comments such a big iPhone or why do I need a smaller iPad become irrelevant. The specifications, you’ve seen it all online, a 1GHz dual core ARM processor and 512MB RAM, but none of that matters. Why? It just works well, every day, every time you use it. That’s what matters. It’s really what sets Apple apart from the rest and it’s how they utilize what’s available and mate it to the Operating System. Just seamless.

Everyone that has laid their hands on the iPad Mini has fallen in love with it. Even those who swear by other brands and didn’t initially see a need for it right down to those who weren’t fans of the latest tech gadgets. It was a case of, can I have the iPad Mini back now. Thin, light and the perfect size, you begin to wonder why this wasn’t the original iPad, that’s how it feels to use. It’s the right combination of everything and it’s durable, even without a screen protector. Use it and enjoy it, it’s built for it.

Apps? Hundreds of thousands. Videos? Books? Music? Facetime? Photos? WiFi? All yes, it’s the Apple iPad experience refined and for those not wanting to buy the iPad because of price, the iPad Mini is affordable without sacrifice. Size does matter because it’s the right size and it enhances the experience. A brilliant device that trumps all in it’s class.